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AdBlue® for cars

AdBlue® for cars

In 2014 the Euro VI also came into effect for diesel cars. Since then, there have been increasing numbers of cars equipped with SCR Technology. Since 1 September 2015, only vehicles that meet the stringent proscriptions of the Euro VI standard have been authorised in Europe.
By 2018, the VDA [German Association of the Automotive Industry] estimates that the number of vehicles in Germany with SCR Technology will be around 5,000,000 vehicles; in Europe there will be around 20,000,000 cars with SCR Technology by 2020.
The first vehicles with SCR Technology had AdBlue® tank sizes of 15-35 litres. For construction reasons, capacities have been reduced to 7 to 15 litres.

AdBlue® consumption

In a car, AdBlue® consumption is currently around 1 litre/1,000 km. Consumption also depends on vehicle weight, emissions levels and driving style.
Contingent on ever more sophisticated engine technology, the consumption of AdBlue® will increase in future to around 1.5 litre/1,000 km.

A diesel car has an annual mileage of around 20,000 km. This corresponds to annual AdBlue® consumption of around 20 litres.

For reasons of economy, it is usually not worthwhile for public filling stations to invest in an AdBlue® pump for cars.

We have the perfect solution for refilling cars that have SCR Technology: the 5 litre bottle with integrated fill hose or the 1 litre membrane bottle. For users with higher consumption, we also offer our practical

5 and 10 litre cans with tap.

Innovative and practical – AdBlue® from HOYER! The solution for your car!

AdBlue® for trucks

AdBlue® for trucks

Every manufacturer offering commercial vehicles with SCR Technology that meet the Euro IV, V or Euro VI standards needs AdBlue®.
This includes in particular:

Refilling of these vehicles with AdBlue® is usually done via a separate tank.

AdBlue® consumption in commercial vehicles:
A generalised statement of consumption
cannot be made for commercial vehicles with SCR
because consumption depends on different
criteria, such as the type of
commercial vehicle, the load, the usage frequency, the type of terrain covered, headwinds/tailwinds, ascent/descent and much more.

This all has an effect on the consumption
of the engine and so also on the
consumption of AdBlue®. The following rule of thumb can be used to calculate AdBlue® requirements:
The required AdBlue® quantity corresponds to
around 4 to 6% of the diesel consumption

A truck consumes 17 litres of diesel fuel per 100 km and travels a distance of
3,000 km.

AdBlue® consumption:
4% x 510 litres = 20.4 litres of AdBlue®
6% x 510 litres = 30.6 litres of AdBlue®

AdBlue® for agriculture and construction machinery

AdBlue® for agricultural machinery, construction machinery, ships and locomotives with SCR Technology

European emissions legislation demands a constant reduction of pollutants in exhaust gasses. This also applies to tractors, agricultural machinery, construction vehicles, ships, railway engines and vehicles driving on enclosed sites
– such as airports.

Particularly in agriculture and the construction industry, a great deal of dust is often generated. Particular care needs to be taken here in the use of
AdBlue® as contamination by dust particles can cause fundamental problems with the SCR system.

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